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Because the most beautiful moments unfold at the dining table

Dining at Hof van Cleve is a sweeping experience, an immersive adventure that is present in every element of the restaurant. Every detail, no matter how seemingly small, is carefully cared for. For us, hospitality and service are as indispensable as an exquisite culinary creation. In this manner, we craft unforgettable moments for you and your party to cherish.

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Belgian pride

Despite our modest size, we rightly take pride in the abundance of talent our homeland has to offer. By adorning our tables with the handcrafted decorations of Pieter Stockmans, we pay tribute to our beloved hometown: the village renowned for its egg production, Kruisem.

The art on our walls, curated by Cédric Van Parys, and the table-linen from the renowned brand Verilin proudly embody the pride of local craftsmanship. In turn, the chairs in our establishment are designed by none other than Jules Wabbes, one of the most consequential furniture designers Belgium has ever known.

All these combined elements have made Hof van Cleve a destination that welcomes you from the very first moment—a place where you can immediately taste the unique and exclusive atmosphere.


Sustainable, local & with respect for the product

Overlooking the lush Flemish fields, where we witness the gradual changing of seasons every day, we consider it a privilege to reside amidst such natural beauty. Our kitchen works exclusively with the most local and fresh ingredients. The game we serve comes straight from the surrounding fields, while our fish is carefully selected from the North Sea. With a profound respect for the product, we strive for minimal waste in the kitchen, ensuring that everything usable is fully utilized.

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Cédric Van Parys

In our restaurant, Kris Martin is responsible for the art installations, consistently showcasing young Belgian talents. This time, it is the versatile artist Cédric Van Parys who gets to exhibit his works with us.

With a background in architecture and research, Van Parys offers a distinctive and profound perspective on the world through his creations. Exploring intricate connections between monuments, public spaces, symbols, rituals, and aesthetics, he skillfully encapsulates historical and cultural aspects in his impactful artworks.

Van Parys not only contributes to the aesthetics of our space but also adds depth, creating a captivating and enriching experience for all.