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You and I have a lot in common: we won’t compromise in choosing the best in life, unrivalled enjoyment, professional craftsmanship.

At Hof van Cleve, every dish you taste is a masterpiece of robust teamwork, based on values like authenticity, respect and solid effort. Every day, I set myself and my colleagues anew the challenge of topping yesterday’s achievements, being inspiring and taking a keen look at the world around us. Life is beautiful! Join us in tasting its joys.

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In order to be able to preserve everyone's safety, we kindly ask you to comply with the following measures:
- We have a private parking space. Please leave your coat in the car as much as possible.
- It is temporarily forbidden to go outside for a smoke.
- You have to wear a face mask each time you're moving in our restaurant.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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We still have a table available on:

Tuesday night 29/09/2020, 6-7 persons
Wednesday night 30/09/2020, 6-7 persons
Thursday noon 01/10/2020, 6-7 persons

Book quickly! We’re looking forward to seeing you.

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A culinary creation starts off with an idea, requires premium products, and quality is its be-all and end-all. Local agricultural products are the flesh and blood of my cuisine, supplemented with fresh flavours from abroad.

Carefully-selected partners supply us daily with the freshest of fresh ingredients, which I turn into unique taste sensations. Texture, colour and balance ... your tastebuds will tell you that every detail has been thought about. That I guarantee.

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Guests coming to dine at Hof can Cleve are expecting a unique experience. And they’re not wrong.

We will serve you the pinnacle of culinary delight, and what’s more, we’ll sweep you away to a total sensory experience.
Our interior design reflects the attention to detail and refinement of our cuisine: we have commissioned unique pieces, tablecloths and serendipitous details from designers and artists.

Your job here is to enjoy, leave the rest to us.

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Celebrating 15 years with 3 Michelin stars