20200714 Hof van Cleve Chantal Arnts 535

Seize this unique opportunity and join
the absolute top in gastronomy

Master chef Peter Goossens boasts three Michelin stars, but he has much more to offer besides. He and his wife, Lieve, give their all every day at Hof van Cleve.

Their international team of chefs and restaurant staff sweat blood to maintain their exquisite skill and uphold the culinary tradition. They will gladly take the time to deepen and refine your knowledge. Seize this one-off chance by the horns and come join the gastronomic elite.

You can count on excellent pay and secondary benefits. You will have Sunday and Monday off.

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Send your CV and covering letter to valerievanderhaeghen@hofvancleve.com.
For more information, call +32 (0)9 383 58 48 between
9 am and 2 pm any working day.