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We serve our menus to your whole dining party. Should you prefer cheese instead of dessert, please let us know in advance (suppl. €20,-).

We are keen that you should have plenty of time to enjoy dining, so we stop taking orders for the 7-course menu at 1 pm for lunch sittings and at 8 pm for dinner. On Friday evenings and Saturday evenings, we serve only the 6-course or the 7-course menu.

Bookings only as from 2 persons.

These prices apply until end March 2020.

Terms and Conditions


Every day our team strives for perfection in every regard. It is our passion to leave nothing to chance. Only then can we guarantee our guests a memorable overall experience. As part of this experience, we also ask that our guests adhere to a certain dress code (smart casual).


The duration of lunch or dinner, the infrastructure and the atmosphere are not conducive to infants (< 6 y.o.) / babies. Thank you in advance for taking this into account.

Dresscode 20190820 Chantal Arnts 401