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Shoes Or No Shoes?

A museum filled with shoes. 'SONS?' ('Shoes Or No Shoes?'), is a 'shoe experience' in Kruisem, the green valley of East Flanders. Consisting of 5 shoe-themed collections, displayed within an architectural gem, this visit is memorable.

SONS inside etnographic col deel
DD Trans Hof van Cleve Jan 2022 16

Creativity is meant to inspire

Each year, Hof van Cleve features a Belgian artist. This year, we are exhibiting the works of D.D. Trans. The name is a pseudonym which Frank Tuytschaever took from a now defunct transport company. The artist's work is about transformation: day-to-day, often domestic objects are taken out of their framework and, after a small alteration, are being turned into works of art.

Frank Tuytschaever / +32 (0)478 59 33 51 (photo: David Samyn)

Recognition kindles the fire