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Shoes Or No Shoes?

A museum filled with shoes. 'SONS?' ('Shoes Or No Shoes?'), is a 'shoe experience' in Kruisem, the green valley of East Flanders. Consisting of 5 shoe-themed collections, displayed within an architectural gem, this visit is memorable.
SONS inside etnographic col deel

'The War on Rugs' by Thomas Renwart

About 12 years ago, I received a package from an art collector from New York. It was a hand-woven Afghan rug. While being a symbol of domesticity and coziness, the rug was depicting tanks, helicopters, kalashnikovs and mortar grenades. War literally has become a motive in Afghanistan, where generation after generation has been growing up with war.

The rugs of Thomas Renwart are also revealing a paradox. The Victorian embroidering looks idyllic and charming. But when reading the quotes more closely, we start feeling uneasy, because we cannot avoid reflecting on our own lives.

As a contemporary Mozart, Thomas is serving a plate full of heaviness, topped with a sauce of lightness and humour. He does not care about trends and fashion. This old soul in a young body has created a unique language in textile. In a cryptic way, he speaks about his complex and troubled universe, where beauty will always prevail.

But then again, a neon sign is saying ‘Whatever’.

Enjoy your meal.

Kris Martin

General info:
T. +32 9 391 39 13


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